The Cortland County Child Advocacy Center is a government agency with a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to assist with fundraising.

The Cortland County CAC takes the role to coordinate, integrate and facilitate a multidisciplinary team of professionals and provides the physical space where cases of child sexual and physical abuse, whenever possible and practical, are investigated, evaluated and treated.

This multidisciplinary team, known as the MDT, is a collaborative, inclusive and team-oriented infrastructure whose primary focus is children and their families.

Comprehensive services are provided by the MDT in one safe, child-friendly location.

Each staff member at the Cortland County CAC and from our partner agencies has the primary goal of providing the best services possible to children and families who are afflicted by sexual and physical abuse.

The Cortland County CAC is a nationally accredited child advocacy center and coordinates services guided by standards from the National Children’s Alliance and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services.


The Cortland County Child Advocacy Center is a community organization dedicated to the prevention, education, and investigation of child abuse.


Our vision is a child-focused center that facilitates a compassionate multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of child abuse so that child victims of alleged sexual and physical abuse can feel safe and will be provided with support to enable their healing process.