Board Members

The Friends of the Cortland County Child Advocacy Center is a 501c3 corporation that supports the mission and activities of the Child Advocacy Center by organizing community outreach and fundraising events.  We meet on a monthly basis to plan for upcoming events.

President:Paul Marshall

Vice President: Alicia Wheaton

Secretary: Melissa Holl

Treasurer: Mark Hahn

Members:  Samantha Beams, Brandon Dorsett, Taylor Jandrew, Christiania Mikituik, Michelle Reynolds, Kara Vormald,

Associate Members: Nicole Adsit, Drew Davidson, Johanna Hartnett, Robin Nauseef-Cataldo, Amy Osborne, Leslie Patriarco

Youth Members: Sophia Wineburg

  • Do you have experience with fundraising?
  • Do you enjoy event planning?
  • Do you enjoy participating in community events?

Join our Board!  Please email your interest to: