The Pig Story

Meet “The Pig”.  Why is this pig so special?  Because The Pig was there for someone when nobody else was.  The Pig didn’t judge, didn’t take, didn’t need anything at all, but to be someone’s friend, security blanket, etc.  This pig made it through two weeks of a little girls’ nightmare of a life and supported her through it all.  So it may just be a pig to you, but to her The Pig was whoever and whatever she needed it to be during a traumatic period of her life.

Why is The Pig back at the CAC?  The little girl needed some distance from The Pig after he saw so much in her life.  She wanted to give him back, not to throw him away, so that maybe The Pig could help someone else out like he helped her.  She’s caring for a little pig now; and The Pig is here to be someone else’s whatever they need.  It may not seem like a lot to you or me, but to someone, a donated stuffed animal can be everything they need when life gets to be too much.